Road Bikes Optimize Speed, Aerodynamics, and Comfort

Biking around Ocala will be a breeze with one of our wide range of road bikes. Versatile and beautifully designed, you will be sure to find the road bike you have been looking for among our extensive range of Specialized-brand road bikes that we carry.If you are looking for a bike for a triathlon, to commute or cruise around town, we can help you find a bike that fits those purposes, too.

We cater to all types of bike riders, including those who enjoy longer rides or climbing our local hills and those bikers who feel the need for speed. No matter what style of rider you are, we have you covered so you can enjoy the popular cycling areas around the Ocala National Forest, the many scenic horse farms in the area, and the rolling hills surrounding Lake Weir.

With thin road tires for low rolling resistance and larger diameter wheels, road bikes are much quicker, more aerodynamic and offer sure cornering on many types of paved road surfaces.The gearing on the road bikes are set to generate high top speeds and assist with climbing. Check our inventory of road bikes on your next visit. And, don’t forget to buy a helmet and some bike lights as well to help keep you safe!

Brick City Bicycles not only offers premium road bike choices but also great value and winning customer service that is sure to leave a smile on your face. Join us for a ride {biking events} and let us help connect you to the local biking community here in Ocala. Come by the store or contact us today to learn more.