Mountain Bikes Cater to Those Seeking High Adventure

If you love to get out into nature and off the beaten path, a mountain bike may be right for you. These high adventure bikes offer wider tires to stand up to uneven outdoor terrain, tough as nails frames and enhanced suspensions to make riding in the great outdoors more comfortable, safe, and fun. Mountain bicycle styles and weights vary enormously depending how much suspension you need. Mountain bikes with hardtail suspensions are easier to maintain, cheaper, and lighter. Bikes with a full suspension handle better, are faster, and provide more comfort. No matter which you choose, get ready to shred the trail on a mountain bike that will perform flawlessly ride after ride.

We stock Specialized brand mountain bicycles for men, women, and children. These bicycles are the first choice of our staff because of their amazing quality, performance, and value. From the casual single track rider to elite racer, we offer the following mountain bikes to make outdoor pedaling a pleasure:

  • Sport Trail bikes (hardtail suspension) for cross country touring
  • Trail bikes (full suspension)
  • High performance trail bikes
  • All-terrain fat bikes
  • BMX (off road sport bikes used for racing and stunt riding)

We cater to all types of bike riders, including those who enjoy casual single track or competing on one of the many local races we have around Ocala and Central Florida. Our knowledgeable staff can help you pick the perfect set of wheels to make the most of all the 80+ miles of mountain bike trails in the area.

Check our popular selection of mountain bikes on your next visit. And, be sure to pick up a helmet, eyewear and gloves to complete your ensemble!

Brick City Bicycles not only offers an amazing selection of mountain bikes for sale but also great value and personalized service you can count on. Join us for a ride, introduce your child to mountain biking on our mountain biking team, and let us help connect you to the local biking community here in Ocala. Stop by the store and contact us today to learn more.