Florida Devos

Florida Devo originally started out as North Florida Junior Development Squad, and was founded by Steve Mace and Matt Donovan. The purpose was to create a localized race team that would support and promote talented juniors who wanted to compete at the National level. As more and more kids and families found out about the group, the purpose shifted to not only serve kids already racing competitively, but to introduce the sport (and the skills necessary to enjoy it) to any kids who wanted to learn. This, in part, prompted the name change to Florida Devo (for development). The original core group of 8-10 racers has grown to between 30-40 on any given week, with 4 consistent coaches and a handful of adult volunteers. The ages of the children participating range from 4 to 18. Currently, Florida Devo meets every Wednesday night for about 1.5 hours at the Santos main trailhead in Ocala, and participation is free. The group raises funds for the competitive team through washing bikes, selling drinks, t-shirts, and water bottles at the annual Santos Fat Tire Festival, as well as through private donations.

Florida Devo Directors:

  • Director of Operations – Steve Mace
  • VP/ Coach – Brian House
  • Coach – Mike Reppe
  • Coach – Chris Fernandez