Introduce a Kid to Their First Set of Wheels

Getting your first bike is something you probably remember very well from childhood. Having your own, new shiny bike was not only a new way to get around with your friends, but also it meant freedom, speed, and wind in your hair. If it’s time to introduce your youngster to the world of bicycling, we would be honored to help you choose a bike that can grow with your child.

Children’s Bike Sizes
While adult bicycles are sold according to frame size, children’s bikes are sized according to the size of their wheels.

  • 10-12” wheels – 3-5 years
  • 16” wheels – 4-7 years
  • 20” wheels – 6-13 years
  • 24” wheels – 9-13 years
  • 26” or 700c – 10-adult

Types of Kids’ Bicycles
We recommend Specialized brand and Electra bicycles for children. Together they offer comfort, quality and value that parents will appreciate. We offer the following types of bikes for children:

  • Walk bikes (For toddlers)
  • Coaster bikes
  • Hybrid bikes (good for the road & trail)
  • Mountain bikes
  • Multi-speed bikes
  • BMX bikes

Choosing the right bike for your child can be tricky because you have to factor in their skills and coordination in addition to their age and height. If they are less confident, it might be smarter to get a smaller bike that they will feel more confident with as their skills grow. While it’s tempting to buy a bicycle they can grow into, stay away from purchasing a bike that is too big because it can be a safety issue and lead to crashes. Our experienced team will help you assess your child and advise you on bicycle options to fit your child’s skills and biking ambitions.

Don’t sweat having to professionally assemble your child’s new bike. Let our professional mechanics assemble the kids’ bike of your choice and make any adjustments needed to fit your child for their comfort and safety. We also offer a full variety of clothing, accessories and even rack systems to transport your bikes .

Brick City Bicycles offers a variety of kids’ bicycles to help instill a joy of cycling in young people. Join us for a bike ride , find out more about the Florida Devos and let us help connect you to the local biking community here in Ocala. Contact us today or drop by our downtown Ocala store to learn more.