Gain Traction with the Right Wheels

Changing the wheels on your bicycle affects how your bicycle rides and how it feels. It can alter the speed and weight of your bicycle and affect handling, too. That’s why you’ll want wheels with rims that are heavy-duty to withstand the conditions you ride under. On paved surfaces, wheels are built for speed and efficiency. Off the beaten path or on Mountain Bike single track, wheels may be wider to add cushion for suspension and stability over gravel, rocks and mud. Whether your goal is to cushion your ride or increase your speed, we can get your bike ready for the road, mud or trail.

We specialize in Specialized brand and Electra wheels. No matter what your ride is, we have wheels for you.  We stockthe following types of wheels:

  • Road bike wheels,
  • 29er wheels,
  • Single-speed bike wheels,
  • Mountain bike wheels,
  • Cyclocross bike wheels,
  • Commuter bike wheels,
  • Hybrid bike wheels,
  • Kids’ bike wheels,
  • Comfort bike wheels, and
  • Everything in between.

Accidents sometimes do happen when you run over that dreaded pot hole that looks like a Florida sink hole and bend a rim. Not all is lost. Bring it in, and see if we can repair it for you. Sometime a wheel or rim will need to be replaced. If you have a newer wheel just purchased a few years ago, we can help you find a replacement that matches the brand and model of the damaged wheel. If you have a much older wheel, we can recommend a model and brand that comes close or help you update your wheel set.Visit our shop today and let us help you get back on the road again.