Stock Up on Tires and Tubes

Bicycle tires and tubes are the only thing between you and road. Many bikers carry spares and bike pumps so quick repairs can be made on the go. Brick City Bicycles sells most sizes of tires and inner tubes to keep your tires in top shape. In addition we sell the following:

  • Bike pumps
  • Patch kits
  • Presta valve tubes
  • Schrader valve tubes
  • Puncture-resistant tubes
  • Cruiser tubes
  • Tire lever
  • Tire sealant
  • Tires

How to Find a Puncture
If your tire is leaking air, it can be difficult to spot the culprit. If the puncture or blowout isn’t obvious, try these tips:

  • Inflate the tube to look for leaks.
  • Submerge the tube in water to look for bubbles for very small leaks.
  • Check the valve to see if the stem is cut, cracked, or worn.
  • Check along the inside of your rim for protruding spoke ends.
  • Visually inspect your tire for signs of damage or embedded objects in the tread.

When to Replace a Tire
Some tire manufacturers have a wear indicator that can help you learn when to replace a tire. In the absence of an indicator, replace a tire when:

  • The tread is noticeably worn
  • Tires are affecting performance
  • Flats happen constantly
  • Observing cracks in the rubber
  • Cuts or holes become apparent
  • Noticing any bubbles or deformities

Worn tires can be a safety hazard and are prone to more punctures. Don’t be left walking. Let us help you find the right tire and innertubes to get your bike back in shape. If you need help, our experienced mechanics are at the ready to help you repair or replace your tires or innertubes. Give us a call at 352-369-9400 or stop by and our knowledgeable staff will help find the tires and tubes you need.