Biking Shoes Step Up Your Game

Step up your biking game on the road or on the trail with specialized biking shoes. Cycling footwear can last a long time and help make your rides more comfortable, efficient, and fun. Bike shoes have stiff soles that when connected to pedals can protect your feet, keep your feet dry and help you pedal more efficiently.

Shoes can be used with regular pedals and with clipless pedals.Clipless pedals are often used by experienced road and mountain bikers because they lock onto clipless shoes, thereby improving pedaling efficiencies and are easy to enter and remove. Flat-pedal shoes on the other hand are best if you’re making frequent stops or riding downhill on uneven terrain and need to remove your feet from the pedals quickly.

Brick City Bicycles sells the following brands of biking shoes for every level of cycling enthusiast.

Biking shoes should fit more snugly than you may be accustomed to which prevents blisters and chafing. Casual and off-road bike shoes will be a little looser. Your heels should stay in place and not move around. Your toes should be comfortable and have some wiggle room. Be sure to wear cycling socks when trying on shoes to get the correct fit.

When it comes to cycling shoes, you may need to go through a couple of different styles before you know what you like. As your riding style changes and progresses, you may find your preference in shoes will also change.

Brick City has gathered a collection of men’s and women’s cycling shoes and socks to help get you farther down the road. Whether you’rea road biker, mountain biker, or a racer, we have the top brands you need to find the pedals and shoes to protect your feet and boost your performance. Stop by the store to see our latest shoe collection or contact us for help.