Demo a Bike Before You Buy It

Brick City believes that if you are going to invest your hard earned cash on a new bicycle, you should be able give it a try to make sure it’s the one for you. You’re going to log some miles on your bicycle, so it makes sense to give it a longer test drive so you know what that bike feels like on the trail or 50 miles into that road ride. Our team at Brick City Bicycles can help you decide on the best bicycle to fit your lifestyle

Take advantage of our Bike Demo Program where we offer road and mountain bikes to test ride to see which is going to work best. After you try out and rentone or more bikes, you can deduct the cost of the rental from the price of the bike you ultimately choose. A driver’s license and major credit card are all that is needed to get your rental and demo started.

Road Bike Rentals

We offer Specialized Tarmac Carbon Expert Road Bikes in sizes 54cm and 56cm.

  • Half day rental: $45
  • Full day rental: $75.

Mountain Bike Rentals
We rent two types of Mountain Bike bicycles for your enjoyment.

Advanced Frame Mountain Bike: Specialized Carbon Epic (Sizes Medium and Large)

  • Half day rental: $45
  • Full day rental: $75.

Specialized Pitch 650B Mountain Bike (Sizes Medium and Large)

  • Half day rental: $30
  • Full day rental: $40.

Please call us in advance to reserve a bike as our demo bike fleet tends to be in high demand. When you come in to pick up a demo bike, our expert bike staff will work with you on a one-on-one basis to get the bike fitted for you and then you’ll be ready to hit the road or the trail on your next biking adventure. To get a more comfortable fit we recommend that you provide your own pedals, seat and helmet, but if you are unable, we can provide them for you.