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Our Team

Molly Bachman – Sales & Service

Molly grew up in Indiana and has always had a passion for bikes. Her extensive knowledge of all things cycling is a true asset to Brick City Bicycles. Molly enjoys a long road ride as much as she enjoys hitting the trails at Santos. She also enjoys camping and traveling. Have a project bike or rebuilding a classic road bike? Stop in and see Molly.

Cain Kodak – Sales & Service

Cain grew up here in Ocala and has been part of the local BMX and mountain bike scene since he was a kid. Cain started out on the sales floor and has moved to the service department as one of our skilled techs. Cain enjoys working out, hanging out at the beach or local springs, and spending time with his family. If you have an old-school mountain bike you're looking to rebuild, come see Cain.

Jayden Eckroth – Owner

Jayden has been a part of Brick City Bicycles almost from the beginning. He has helped organize local rides and events and is active in the local Ocala Tri Club. Jayden is an avid road rider and can be found attending local rides on a regular basis. On occasion, Jayden will hit the trails at Santos or attend a local FSC race.

Todd Frobish – Owner

Todd has been cycling for more than 30 years in Ocala and is a self-admitted cycling fanatic. He was riding at Santos before it was Santos, a trailhead along the Florida Greenway popular with mountain bikers and hikers in the area. In 1993, Todd was part of a small group that began building trails in the Florida Greenway and who was instrumental in helping establish the Ocala Mountain Bike Association (OMBA) to support the development of trails in the area. Brick City Bicycles is also a member of the Ocala Cycling Club (OCC).

Todd has raced in triathlons, adventure races, mountain bike races, and road and cyclocross races. Todd is an Expert level license holder from USA Cycling. Along with being an avid racer and cyclist, he is also a USA Cycling Official and promoter of the Florida Cyclocross Race Series.