Todd Frobish
Brick City Bicycles Co-owner, Todd has been cycling for more than 30 years in Ocala and is a self-admitted cycling fanatic. He was riding at Santos before it was Santos, a trailhead along the Florida Greenway popular with mountain bikers and hikers in the area. In 1993, Todd was part of a small group that began building trails in the Florida Greenway and who was instrumental in helping establish the Ocala Mountain Bike Association (OMBA) to support the development of trails in the area. Brick City Bicycles is also a member of the Ocala Cycling Club (OCC).

Todd has raced in triathlons, adventure races, mountain bike races, and road and cyclocross races. Todd is an Expert level license holder from USA Cycling. Along with being an avid racer and cyclist, he is also a USA Cycling Official and promoter of the Florida Cyclocross Race Series.

Thomas Deaner
Thomas is the chief mechanic and general manager of Brick City Bicycles. He brings a wealth of experience in many styles of bicycling including racing. He is a licensed USA Cycling Mechanic, a designation that demonstrates not only an expertise at servicing many types of bicycles but also a commitment to following best practices, staying up to date on the latest technology, supporting a group or team of riders, placing safety at the forefront and setting a positive example for the cycling community.

Originally, from Meridian, Mississippi, Thomas Deaner has worked in the bicycle industry most of his life. At only 15 years old, Thomas began his career working for Streit’s Schwinn Cyclery in Ocala. He continued working there for 15 years consecutively. During that time he attended Schwinn School in 1989 for basic bicycle and exerciser repair, and he was invited to stay an additional week for the more in-depth classes and wheel building.

In 1990, Thomas become a USA Cycling Licensed Mechanic, and since spent two additional weeks at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs learning how to become a pro-team mechanic. In 1993 Thomas was contacted by an Ultra Endurance bike racer looking for a replacement mechanic for RAAM (Race Across America). He eagerly joined and spent the next sixyears working with them. Rob Kish is one of the most recognized ultra-endurance riders ever, and Thomas was fortunate enough to be there for two first place finishes.

Anthony Hutton
An Ocalan native, Anthony understands the many cycling venues here in Central Florida and enjoys helping others do the same. He has been employed in local bike shops since 2004 and has seen the tremendous growth in the local cycling community over the years.  Since 2013, Anthony has provided sales and service at Brick City Bicycles.

Once an avid runner for Lake Weir High School he was awarded MVP for both track and cross county teams. His first cycling event was a mountain bike race which got him hooked on the wonderful trails and their challenges in Ocala. Since then, he travelled the U.S. and competed in many mountain bike events.

He is a graduate of Specialized Bicycle Components University and is a certified Body Geometry FIT specialist, a scientifically- and ergonomically-based bicycle fitting system. After this advanced training, he started road riding and enjoyed the sprinting element of road racing. Whether it is a casual urban ride or a championship race, Anthony loves cycling and sharing his knowledge with cyclists trying to get more comfortable and improve their performance.

Steve Mace, Co-Owner and Store Manager

Michael Mace – Service